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The Legend of Chinese Dragon Boat Festival


Legend of Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival, the 5th day of the 5th month in the Chinese lunar calendar, also called the double fifth festival(In year 2016, It is June 9th). It gives the observer and opportunity to glimpse a part of the rich Chinese cultural heritage.

What would people do during the time of Dragon Boat Festival? There are five top events going on...Now follow us to check out. If you have any chance coming to China during this time, enjoy your nice visiting!

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Below are some of photos which show with our mobile thermal printer EP-80A.

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Dragon boat festival is one of the ancient traditional holidays in China, and was included in the non-material cultural heritage in the world. And there are many different points of view about its origin, the most well-known legend is about Quyuan.

Qu Yuan was an important official during the Spring and Autumn Periods in the Chu State, which was located in today’s Hubei Province in Central China. During his life he strongly advocated recommending talents from all social levels, enriching the country and building up the military forces. However, his advocates were strongly rejected by members of aristocracy as it would destroy their interests. Then Qu Yuan was forced to resign and was banished to the remote area of the country, which was the time when he wrote a lot of famous poems to express his loving for the Chu State.

In B.C 278, the capital of Chu State was captured by the Qin Army. Qu Yuan was so sorrow that he committed suicide into Miluo River after hearing the news on the fifth of the fifth lunar month. Locals were very sad about the death of their respectable poet and state official. Every year on this day folklores would commemorate him spontaneously.