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Company News

Upgrade Your Customer Service with Mobile Thermal Printer


Mobile thermal printer with bluetooth or wifi option, it help upgrade your customer service.

How to work?

Anywhere a host POS system is not present, wireless transaction processing and customer request for a receipt. Data Terminal( eg.PDA,Tablet,Mobile phone,Meters) connect with printer via bluetooth/wifi/Serial/USB, create a receipt immediately.

Mainly apply to the industries:

  • Transportation and Logistic---delivery receipt; 

  • Restaurant---bills on-the-go printing

  • Outdoor retail sales---Receipts for customers

  • Police and enforcement---Ticket or Notes

  • Gas oil station/Utility---bills

  • Instrument and Analytical system---Reports

  • Taxi and Truck---Receipts or Data records

Lists is going on... 

Widely application as you are using mobile data processing and datas need printed.

If you are in above industry, upgrade your service for customers, make customer feel guaranteed with receipts, outstanding from other competitors.

Mobile/portable printer, also support logo print, barcode or QR code  print on receipts, so customer recognize your company logo easily, most importantly can scan QR code to check your website/ products/ service directly.

How is your view of this printer, please? Your any comment will be highly appreciated.

Welcome contact us today for more information and communicate more.

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