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Laser Barcode Scanner

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barcode reader
usb barcode scanner
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laser barcode reader
Laser Barcode Scanner
Product Name : Laser Barcode Scanner
Product ID : EP-BR02
Color : Black
Scan mode : Auto scan/manual scan
Resolution : 4mil
With patents : TLS and Technology of Top Filtering
Connection : USB/Serial/KB cable


First-class Barcode Scanner


1.Support multi-interface: RS232/USB/KB

2.Ergonomic design offer comfortable operation and enhance the working efficiency.

3.With two patent. Barcode Scanning Engine, the core part of scanning gun, respectively Technology of Three Times Life Span (TLS) and Technology of Top Filtering.


With the technology of TLS and optimized circuit, with the premise that engine scanning performance is not affected, the engine stops a period after working for half a period, namely, two of the three rays of light are turned off, to reduce engine working time, so that the service life span of the engine is extended to 3 times.

The advantages: service life span of laser engine is extended. 

Technology of Top Filtering:

With the help of technology of top filtering In swing process, scan engine will pause around the poles, the light intensity is much stronger than the normal level, and it may cause harm to human, the technology of top filtering helps optimization of circuit and decoding algorithm, and the light swung to the poles is turned off without affecting engine scanning performance. 



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